Breathing re-education work, and the exercises related to it, can be divided into a number of categories. These exercises are extremely helpful in overcoming various kinds of breathing problems. They also promote diaphragmatic breathing, belly breathing, back breathing, etc. These different breathing techniques open our body’s breathing spaces. Some exercises can also work on our spirituality and inner peace to help us rejuvenate and live a more fulfilling life. Read More

I remember a quote from the famous Native American Chief Seattle who said something like, “If the white man continues in the direction he is going in, he will spend most of his time surviving instead of living.” I believe we are there. I think of stress as not taking the time to breathe. Read More

Anxiety, stress, and constant tension can lead to distress physically as well as mentally.
It is important to gain knowledge in self-management when it comes to emotions. It needs expertise to develop the skill over a period of time. Shallow, restricted breathing is accompanied by anxiety and deep and normal breathing becomes next to impossible. When in this negative breathing pattern, many negative changes occur in the body. It takes time to get the breathing back to normal; many never do.

The respiratory system, comprising the diaphragm, lungs, rib cage, windpipe and neck, may not function and synchronize together and fail to permit normal, steady breathing. The entire nervous system and emotional state can get mildly to severely unbalanced. Pain can be caused or worsened in any organ or body part. Read More

Breathing is an integral part of life. It may appear simple, but it is one of the essential body functions and it is not always intuitive. Yoga breathing is based on the simple principles of pranayama .  In the USA Pranayama is largely considered to be about altered states of consciousness. The main aim of this kind of yoga breathing is to attain various states of spiritual experiences. This hopefully goes along with the asanas and/or esoteric postures that envelop the body, mind and soul. Often these practices are contrary to healthy breathing. So what exactly is Yoga Breathing? Read More

Many believe yoga breathing to be about proper breathing. This is not true and there are no yoga teachings of just what IS proper breathing that are backed by western science or even consistent “alleged” ancient teachings.  Worldwide yoga breathing is a lot about creating altered states of consciousness. From the perspective of one’s health alone, proper, balanced, optimal, deep breathing is quite different. This kind of breathing boosts life and vigor and relaxes taut nerves. Most of us fail to do it properly and practice shallow distorted breathing in everyday life. It is important to be acquainted with how proper breathing works in our body and within the entire body mechanism and to understand its effects before putting esoteric, yogic deep breathing exercises into practice. Read More

With stress, the body’s response takes place and all the negative, chemical reactions occur inside the body. It is true that stress is a fact of life and one cannot altogether avoid it, but one can neutralize its effect by strengthening one’s ability to not overreact as well as to become adept at inducing one’s deepest relaxation and recovery responses. These are conditions that reside mostly in the breathing body and are innately contrary to stress.

The ultimate solutions to stress lie in the body’s response to natural relaxation as well as in the conditioning that makes the organism strong enough to endure increased levels of stress. One of the most common practices for relaxation is practicing proper deep relaxation breathing exercises, such as in certain styles of meditation, yoga, tai chi, qigong and the tightening-loosening muscle relaxation techniques, any of which can result in a deeper relaxation response. But none of these are guaranteed to sustain that response and some can be quite harmful when done improperly, too often, or for not long enough. When any of these are put into proper practice, they help in stress reduction and bring us peace and joy. When repeated often enough they help us bring control over our mind at times of anxiety. This is often referred to as auto-regulation.  Read More

We are all well acquainted with the fact that stress and other mental conditions can lead to high blood pressure. In fact, high or low blood pressure has become part and parcel with our everyday life as most of us suffer from either of these two conditions. Chief Seattle was right. There are several means by which one can bring the blood pressure back to normal. The most common way is by stress relievers and blood pressure breathing exercises. Statistics and studies reveal that they are capable in reducing blood pressure as they reduce negativity both physically and mentally and also boost other health benefits. Here are some means by which high blood pressure can be treated naturally through breathing. Read More

Home-model oxygen concentrators are equipment meant for providing extra oxygen both for oxygen-enhanced exercise, called O2E2, and Exercise with Oxygen Training/Therapy, called EWOT. These concentrators or generators provide significantly more concentrations of oxygen than is available in the air. They are safe to use and are relatively inexpensive, as compared to oxygen-bottle usage or commercial oxygen bars. Read More

It is true that breathing is the simplest automatic biological activity for all living beings. Breathing is also coordinated and orchestrated by other elements. At the conscious level it allows one to sing, speak, shout, whistle, groan or even purr! The common denominator to all these activities is breathing. Read More

Breathing is one of the primal characteristics of any living organism. Breathing is vital for speech, singing, crying, laughing, etc. An imbalance in breathing can affect all these processes and this imbalance is often referred to as asthma, and can be addressed with proper asthma breathing exercises. Read More

Co-meditation is also known as Cross Breathing. The simple principle on which it is based is that, with this kind of respiration, the mental state gets stimulated in a particular way slowing the breathing down to relax it without causing anxiety. Co-meditation is believed to alleviate stress and suffering. Since time immemorial, breathing has been identified for its impact on our bodies, our emotions, our state of consciousness, and our lives. Co-meditation is capable of affecting the hypothalamus gland that is responsible for controlling much of our nervous system. Apart from this, it helps normalize the heart rate, blood pressure, stress responses and more. Read More

“Take a deep breath” is the mantra of many stress management practitioners. But unless the deep breathing is anchored in a firm foundation the benefits of deeper breathing may well turn into high chest stress anxiety responses. Read More

Can people quickly and easily train themselves out of the tendency to fly into a rage? Absolutely! The secret is in first wanting to and then training your breathing. Read More

Over 70,000 people have taken these tests. The statistics and programs stemming from them will absolutely change your life. Read More

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